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Hackers hit another video game publisher

As Sony continues to struggle with its recent cyberattack, another video game publisher has had its database hacked. Square Enix has confirmed hackers gained access to a database on Wednesday, taking 25,000 email… Continue reading

The Money Making Game #8: The Sony Situation

We certainly have no problem getting caught up in the fun of playing games, but the people who create them have their pocketbooks to worry about, too. In this column, finance expert and… Continue reading

Sony Outdated Software Criticized—Another Hack Coming?

New accusations about Sony’s security procedures are being levied as the company braces for a third possible hack in the coming days. Eugene Spafford, an information security professor at Purdue, accused Sony of being completely unprepared… Continue reading

Sony suffers second major security breach

The data breach into the PlayStation Network continues to worsen. Sony announced Monday it had discovered another 24.6 million accounts had been hacked, this time in the company’s PC online gaming division. The… Continue reading

Sony Details Restoration Plans for PlayStation Network

Nearly two weeks after being the subject of one of the largest data breaches in business history, the PlayStation Network will go back online this week, Sony announced Sunday morning. The company, which says… Continue reading

Hackers Take Down Sony’s PlayStation Network

Hackers have managed to cut Sony off at the knees in several of the most competitive aspects of this generation of video games. For the past five days, the PlayStation Network has been offline—making it… Continue reading

Xbox scammers bilk Microsoft for $1.2 million

That long string of numbers and letters you have to type in when redeeming a Microsoft Points card might seem random, but a group of hackers recently discovered it wasn’t. Today, Microsoft is… Continue reading

The Shared Enemy of Hollywood, Gene Simmons and Hustler

It takes extraordinary circumstances to unite Hollywood filmmakers, one of rock’s most outlandish stars and a porn company. But when you’re facing off against 4chan, any ally is a good one. 4chan, for… Continue reading