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Vidgames face great divide

Forget Xbox vs. PlayStation. In the videogame industry, the biggest brewing battle these days is the one between traditional developers and the new breed — those who specialize in Facebook and iPhone titles.… Continue reading

Interview: Reggie Fils-Aime On Garage Devs And The Value Of Software

When Nintendo’s global president Satoru Iwata rocked this year’s Game Developers Conference with his controversial comments about developers of social and mobile games, there were a lot of questions. Was the company showing… Continue reading

‘The Dating Game’ does some social networking

Good news, married folks! You can still play The Dating Game. The legendary game show debuts Wednesday on all major social media sites — including Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Sadly, it does not star… Continue reading

Warner to offer films directly on Facebook

Netflix and Hulu have some new competition: Facebook. Warner Bros. has announced a new program that will let users of the popular social networking stream the studio’s films online. Initially, only “The Dark… Continue reading

Harrison Ford, Angry Birds head to Facebook

Indiana Jones is ready to socialize. Harrison Ford has teamed up with a new L.A. game studio and Conservation International to launch the Facebook game Ecotopia, a free-to-play city building game with a… Continue reading

OpenFeint Launching Cross-Platform Social Network

Gamers on Apple’s iDevices who want to compare scores can do so pretty easily through the company’s GameCenter. But what happens when their friends are playing the same game on an Android phone… Continue reading

Analysis: EA Expands Pogo.com, Looking For A Chance To Digitally Shine

Gamasutra’s Chris Morris speaks to Michael Marchetti, senior vice president of EA’s casual gaming site Pogo.com about how he intends to “build the base of new players” to add to its 1.5 million… Continue reading

Social Game Maker Zynga’s Market Valuation Tops $5.5B

A lot of people might not know Zynga’s name, but they sure know its games. “Farmville,” “Mafia Wars,” and “Café World” are some of the biggest titles on Facebook – and continue to… Continue reading

Study: Gamers get social

Disney’s $563 million purchase earlier this month of Playdom had its skeptics, but a new survey showing the reach of the social game market could silence the deal’s critics. The NPD Group, which… Continue reading

Video Games Finding Gamers on Social Networks

“FarmVille” has sure grown a lot of gamers. A new study by The NPD Group finds that 20 percent of the U.S. population has played a game on a social network at one… Continue reading